Our Grand Master


Grand Master Dan Levenson is the Owner, Chief Instructor and Program Director at Martial Arts America. He holds an AS in Law Enforcement, the Florida Child Care Director Credential, and is a graduate of the Vermont State Police Academy. He has been training champions in the martial arts, and in life, for three decades. Grand Master Dan and his dynamic team of instructors at Martial Arts America are passionate about their mission: “Excellence in personal development through superior martial arts instruction.”

Danny Levenson sees a picture in Life Magazine of a man using karate to kick down a brick chimney. He knows immediately that he must learn to do that.

Danny begins training in taekwondo under 2nd dan black belt Bryan Lagimoniere. Over the next four years he earns his own black belt.

Dan graduates from the Vermont State Police Academy and becomes a state trooper. He often utilizes his martial arts training for controlling crowds and hostile environments. He also starts his own small taekwondo club, training six students at a time.

Dan has now been employed in the private sector for more than a decade. He has continued training rigorously in taekwondo, earning both his 2nd and 3rd dan black belts.

Dan moves to Tampa and seeks out Master Henry Giles’s taekwondo school. Master Giles hires him on the spot to manage the office and instruct students. Dan goes on to earn his 4th dan black belt and along with it, the title of Master. Five years from now Master Dan will travel to Korea to test for his 5th dan black belt at the Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Headquarters and the center of taekwondo culture.

Master Dan tests for his 6th dan black belt. Members of the test board include Master Bryan Lagimoniere, now a 7th dan black belt, Master Henry Giles, also a 7th dan black belt, and International Grand Master Jae Hak Lee, a 9th dan black belt. Five years from now Master Dan will test for his 7th dan black belt under Grand Master Lee.

Master Dan earns the Kukkiwon’s International Master Certificate. He also competes in the USA Taekwondo Nationals where he takes the gold medal in the Heavyweight Ultra Sparring Division. In 2011 he would take silver, and in 2012 he would take gold again.

Master Dan successfully tests for the rank of 8th dan black belt, simultaneously earning the title of Grand Master. The promotion from 7th to 8th dan took place over nearly eight years and involved a thorough examination of his character, mentoring achievements and contributions to the art. The test was administered by Grand Master Lee.